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Disaster Management

Disaster Management: Introduction


HAO India a service motivated Organization, has got great Historical Acts, with dedicated minds and with strong beliefs. It has given the utmost help during the difficult t times by the poor and needy. Our Organization stands as Guide for their upliftments of lives.

HAO India is always with great compassion in conferring its shoulder to wipe out the tears of the people, who are affected by the natural calamities and disasters. Our organization has Administrator honoring conducted many awareness programs were conducted and made the people known to be away from the affect of any disaster that imbalances their lives.

Releif & Rehabilitation


HAO India rendered emergency relief to several victimized families during natural calamities. Many relief programs for the victims of Earth quakes (Lathur), Cyclones are conducted in time by providing the basic needs like food, clothing, blankets, fish containers etc. The natural calamities like cyclones are common in Coastal areas.

The fears of the damages are always in the minds of these people. There will be very loss, the communication system and roads will be damaged, trees will fall and the houses will also be collapsed.

For the victims of the cyclones the HAO India has ventured to build pakka houses for the fishermen who lost their houses, which can withstand in any conditions. The fishermen families are very happy to live in and, expressed their gratefulness to the HAO Organization for providing them. The Tsunami that did hit south Asia Coast line on December-26th -2006 left the survivors traumatized by the memories of wrath of the cruel waves. It shivered the fishermen


to venture into the high seas Thousands lost livelihood, still gazing into vast emptiness beyond horizon. In India, Tsunami struck all along the coastal line including Andhra Pradesh.


The loss of life was meager in AP but the livelihood, boats, nets and many more were lost. The human confidence to live with sea was lost by the fishermen and their families. Survivors are living in a daze as they struggle to find livelihood and seeking ways and means … But did not migrate elsewhere.The HAO India swung into action with rescue and relief operation to give them solace with human touch of love and

Compassion and stood along their side and followed in their rehabilitation process in partnership with Baptist World Aid, Australia.

The journey across the sea is no doubt a venture every time when they go into the sea. Their safe return is unpredictable, who knows what happen in the pitch darkness along the waters. At that time a fisherman was hit by a gig ship while he was fishing at the midnight and was injured adding to the woes. As a part of the relief and rehabilitation now the boats carrying our fishermen are twinkling like stars, due to an innovative provision of solar Lamps by HAO India, Especially during the time of Tsunami HAO India took a major role among all NGO’s in taking the necessary steps to bring the affected to the normal condition from the panic and terror. The local authorities were appreciated HAO India for being first to stretch the helping hand to the tsunamis. In this regard boats were got repaired and new nets and utensils along with provisions for few days were distributed houses were constructed., The timely help to the people of coastal areas in Andhra Pradesh regained enough boldness to get back into their normal life.


The universe will reward you for taking risks on its behalf

Service to the man kind of poor and always been my salvation and I thank the Lord for it.

We cannot change the direction of the wind but can adjust the sail.